• We strive to provide our customers with various type of services.

  • Digital printing (sublimation) on textiles and all types of polyester.

  • Dry heat sublimation on fabrics for - satin - polyester - chiffon - flags - kids clothes - T-shirts - pillows and caps.

  • High quality pressing services for third parties.

  • Laser cutting services (normal or laser camera).

  • Receiving and sending customers’ orders through shipping companies.

  • Provide customers with sample before implementation free of charges.

  • Customer assistance and guidance for buying the best fabrics.

  • Deliver high-quality printing in a record time.

  • Providing the best designs and drawings with the best color consistency.

  • Printing flags with the best printing machines of all sizes.

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The most important advantages of "dry heat sublimation" printing:

  • Ink is thermally transferred to the fabrics using the heat in a permanent color and its quality does not decrease because the ink has become in the fabric itself.

  • The ink is permanently transferred to the fabrics with heat, and its quality does not decrease because the ink has transferred into the material itself.

  • So that the print and the material become one thing.

  • The printing does not fade easily from the fabric, but it lasts for a very long time, taking into account the quality also in the designs and printed forms.

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Flags Printing:

  • We strive to always provide these products to our customers at the best prices, also take into account the delivery dates that are important for their advertising campaigns.

  • We have provided these products to many major companies that have contributed to achieving their advertising goals and left a good impression on their customers.

  • The flags are printed in sublimation Full Print - Full Cover method on all materials, satin, chiffon, and textiles

  • We also do flags for ministries, institutions and countries

Best Price:

  • Strive to always provide high quality products and services to our customers at the best prices.

  • There is a famous phrase that says expensive products have a better quality. We always try to provide the highest quality at the best price.

  • You can rely on us regarding your advertisement campaign. We will implement it in the best way to help you increase your customer base and profits.

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  • The company participated in making flags of the 2019 African Nations Cup and the flags of the 2020 qualifying rounds.

  • We participated in the Egy Stitch exhibition 2019.

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We, Capital Print, promise to always provide you with the highest-quality products and services.